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Our company has grown over the past 50+ years with a reputation of sound professionalism, experience, and service. We value our customers greatly and strive to give them the best service as possible. We're a full service company standing by to serve you. Just give us a call..

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Lane Consolidated Services
DeSoto, MO 63020
Email: clane@laneconsolidated.com

Phone: (636) 586-2281
Fax: (636) 337-1400

Office Building Remodeling MissouriWhen you own an office building or warehouse in order to get your business processes done, you will realize that the more up-to-date and functional it is, the smoother your company will run. The fact is that there are many different types of contractors out there that are bidding to do work for both residential and commercial remodeling. With the right contractor, you can create the perfect commercial layout for your company. Lane Consolidated is a company that has been offering commercial remodeling projects since 1958 you will find we are not a company that is here today and gone tomorrow but rather a reliable, dependable, and professional company.

To break it down to the basics, contractors can either be used for residential construction, or used for commercial construction. Our commercial remodeling is done by contractors that have a lot of experience in projects surrounding business and industry-related buildings. This could be for retail office spaces, government buildings, hospitals, restaurants, and apartment or rental buildings. No matter what type of business you run, our contractors have a wide base of knowledge about the rules and restrictions that come with commercial construction. We will know how many smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, structural extensions, codes for electrical outlets, and other repairs that are necessary when performing commercial remodeling. They will know restroom regulations as well as any other codes that apply.

So if you are looking for a qualified commercial remodeling company, look no further, simply give us a call or fill out our online contact form and we would be more than willing to offer a free estimate on your interior remodeling project.