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Our company has grown over the past 50+ years with a reputation of sound professionalism, experience, and service. We value our customers greatly and strive to give them the best service as possible. We're a full service company standing by to serve you. Just give us a call..

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Kitchen Remodeling MissouriRemodeling the interior of your home can be a very large task. Thankfully, we have skilled professionals that are able to help you from start to finish on your project. The interior remodeling of your home can be done in many different ways and utilizing many different techniques. Whether your interior remodeling includes your home kitchen, a bathroom, living room, floors, cabinets, walls, or anything in between, our professional crews are able to help you get the task done correctly, within budget, and on time.

Your kitchen remodel is one area of your home that an affordable interior remodeling company can be of tremendous service. Our professional kitchen renovation crews are able to help you with all types of wood such as cabinetry and molding. A few other things in the kitchen that our professional crew can help with are things such as countertops, custom kitchen islands, as well as ceiling fans and custom ventilation systems. These sorts of additions to your home can make your home more useful, clean, and efficient as a whole.

Bathroom Remodeling MissouriAlmost any home owner could find good use for an extra room in their home. For example, you might use it as a gym, office, game room, theater, library, craft room, the possibilities are endless. There really is no limit to a room’s possibilities. The potential of your new room depends on you as the consumer if an interior room addition is of interest.

Lane Consolidated will create full rooms that meet or exceed you and your family’s expectations. Our professional interior remodeling solutions offer creative carpentry and remodeling that are sure to meet your specifications. This means that what you in vision in your head and want in your home remodeling project we are able to achieve. We offer carpentry work for custom build entertainment centers, walk in closet construction, custom built bookcases, and any other custom construction idea you may have we will make it happen. Big or small our interior home remodelers are here to assist you make your dream a reality.

Basement Remodel MissouriWhile there are thousands of things you feel you might need in your interior remodeling project, most of our clients want it to be affordable. With this in mind we try to give you everything you want for your budget, sometimes we will have to refrain from the big or unnecessary projects. We will start with the smaller projects and work up to the larger ones. To save costs there might be things you can do yourself if you do not mind getting a little dirty and a bit of physical labor. Of course we can do it all if you like and will make sure you are comfortable with your purchase on any remodeling needs or desires.

So if you are looking for a qualified professional interior remodeling company, look no further, simply give us a call or fill out our online contact form and we would be more than willing to offer a free estimate on your interior remodeling project.