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Our company has grown over the past 50+ years with a reputation of sound professionalism, experience, and service. We value our customers greatly and strive to give them the best service as possible. We're a full service company standing by to serve you. Just give us a call..

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Lane Consolidated Services
DeSoto, MO 63020
Email: clane@laneconsolidated.com

Phone: (636) 586-2281
Fax: (636) 337-1400

Storage UnitsLane Consolidated offers two storage rental locations in De Soto Missouri. Our storage units come in many different sizes for both residential and business tenants. Many of our self storage services are usually used to store inventories, equipment, collection of house hold goods, and everything in between.

Storage facilities grant clients a secure and less expensive way of keeping their other belongings. These also free up their homes with some valuable space. This service is also especially beneficial when you are having home or office renovations or restorations. Trucks or vans are also available for service when you need to transport your things from your house to the storage facilities.

Here are some basic tips in packing your things:storage units

  • · Create some labels for each of the boxes so you can easily identify which boxes to open when looking for a particular item.
  • · Never stack boxes too high for it would be very difficult to get an item, which is beneath the stack of boxes.
  • · Ensure that you have properly locked your storage unit.
  • · Read and understand the terms and conditions set in your contract.
  • · Get the contact numbers of the storage manager. You will need it in case any problems arise.
  • · Avoid sharing your keys, access cards, or passwords with anyone.